About Norrtälje Art Gallery

Welcome to a place for unexpected meetings, surprises and sensual encounters. Our exhibitions feature modern art by local, national and international artists. In connection with every exhibition we offer guided displays, lectures and children’s activities.

Norrtälje art gallery aims to create a space for dialogue and reflection together with its visitors.

About the Building

The new museum building at the foot of Södra bergen in central Norrtälje was inaugurated on January 17th, 2015. Norrtälje Museum and Norrtälje Art Gallery are housed in the building, which is connected to Pythagoras Industry Museum.

The new establishment’s location creates collaboration between these three museums. There is an elevator in the building by which you can easily continue up Södra bergen towards Pythagoras Industry Museum and more.

Veckans öppettider

Ann Eringstam

Ann Eringstam Ann Eringstam - Two sides of a story 31/8-13/10

Sonja Nilsson

Sonja NilssonSonja Nilsson - Visibility is a Trap 19/10-8/12 2019

Roland Persson & Mika Hannula

Roland Persson & Mika HannulaRoland Persson & Mika Hannula - FREUD - TO//WITH 26/10-8/12 2019