Du som är mellan 13 och 19 år kan få en bok att recensera! Hur du gör för att få en bok kan du läsa mer om här. Det har Paula gjort. Här är hennes recension King of Scars!

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

King of ScarsThe kingdom of Ravka lays in ruins. Only a couple of years ago, the nation was shook by a raging civil war, claiming several lives, and almost all of the little resources the country had.

It all started when “The Darkling”, a very powerful Grisha, had risen up against the former king, Alexander Landsov. Grisha are people with supernatural powers that range from the ability to control fire and water, to controlling other human beings. This ultimately resulted in the death of the entire royal family, except for Alexanders younger son, Nikolai. But Nikolai wasn’t able to survive the war totally unscathed. Before the Ravkan first army, consisting of highly talented Grisha, had defeated The Darkling, Nikolai had been his prisoner. He had tortured the future king, leaving his hands covered with dark scars. But that wasn’t all. The Darkling was able to place a demon inside Nikolais soul. Now, the demon is slowly taking over the young king’s mind, driving him deeper and deeper into insanity. Nikolai is trying his best to repress the demon, and with the help of Ravkas commander in chief, Zoya Nazyalensky, he is doing a pretty good job. But will it ever be enough? Will the monster win?

But this is not Ravkas only problem. One of Nikolai’s goals with his reign, is to free all persecuted Grisha in other countries. Ravka is the only country openly supporting and educating Grisha, when many others use them as tools for war. In the northern country of Fjerda, the Grisha are put in prisons where they are experimented on, and in Ravka’s other neighbouring country, Shu Han, Grishas are made into half man, half machine, almost undefeatable war drones. Ravkan Grisha spies are doing all they can to help free as many Grisha as possible, and among them is Nina Zenik. She works in the northernmost part of Fjerda, trying to figure out, what is actually going on in the famously Grisha-hating town of Gäfvalle?

On top of all this, is the fact that Ravka’s under the constant pressure of possible war with any of its neighbouring countries, who all want a piece of the already weak countries’ resources and land. The question is still looming over Nikolai; will he be able to save his beloved country from its seemingly untimely death?

This book has been a great reading experience. As a person with a great interest in fantasy and sci-fi, the typical fantasy novel met my every need, from the map in the beginning of the book to all the small nerdy jokes stuffed into the story. When I first got the book, I thought it would be more of a thriller and a drama, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it contained a great deal of humor and action too. “King of Scars”, is a great beginning to a series I can’t wait to follow.

I would recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a bit more advanced English reading. As a native English speaker, I can say that some words are very weird and old-timey, which can make the story hard to understand at times. But this also makes the book great for someone who’s used to reading fantasy books such as Harry Potter, or Narnia. The book would also suit someone who is willing to learn more complicated English, and who doesn’t mind looking up some words as they go.

/Paula Schembri, provläsare


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Av: Bardugo, Leigh
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